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Gunning machines Products

Our range of gunning shooters allow an optimal spreading of refractory products in the steel ladles used in the metal industry. Beside concrete spraying, we have more versions for other usages, such as oxgen blowing in the glass industry.

FLP4000ST : Pressure vessel with silo

The FLP 4000ST is a "Pressure vessel" type machine with (or without silo). This fully automatic machine is mainly used for "SPOT" repairs of ladles or furnaces. High reliability, fluid flow, low maintenance are its main features.

Tank capacity: 1 m³ (1.4m³ for Jumbo model)

Silo capacity: 1.4m³(other on request)

Theoretical flow: 0 to 3.5m³ / h

Fully automatic

Remote control 20 meters

Power supply: 400 Volts Three-phase (other on request)

OCM-030 : Rotary feeder machine

The OCMER OCM-030 COMPATTA is a robust and easy to operate rotor machine. The unique OCMER’s hydraulic clamping system of the rotor between the lubricated gaskets allows to use it even in extreme conditions, such as the lining with refractory mixes of chimneys with height up to 100 m. The machine, in fact, is suitable for the dry spraying of refractory masses, gunite and concrete in effective volumes from 0,3 to 3,5 cubic metres/h. More particularly, the OCM-030 COMPATTA is widely used into the refractory sector for the ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of furnaces into the steel mills, incinerators, cement factories etc.

The machine can be supplied completed with high pressure water pump wired on its electric control panel, besides remote control unit and dosing pump fort liquid chemical admixtures. Easy to use, reliable, with an adjustable and fluid flow are its main characteristics.

TUND3000 : Tundish spraying machine

We have 2 types of machines : a BASIC model and a standard model. The basic model has been developed to offer the customer a reliable, strong semi-automatic machine at a very attractive price. It can be used for lower rates , for slag pots and small tundishes. The standard model is more imposing, automated and mainly used for the high speed projection of tundishes.

This machine is provided according to the wishes of the customer. (weighing, level sensor in silo, special automation ... etc)

OBM 9000 RC : EAF banks repair machine

This machine is designed for the repair of the EAF banks . This machine is equipped with a radio control and batteries 24 volts 100 Ah. The speed of rotation of the discharge chute is controlled via the potentiometer on the RC and the material flow is ensured by the opening of the drain jaws and an electric vibrator. Pneumatic version also exists, requiring more handling.

Manipulators for steel ladles maintenance

Large range of manipulators for the maintenance of the steel ladles.Either on a mobile radio-controlled base, or on a rail or even at a fixed position determined by the customer.

Generally a small preliminary study is advised.

Radio controlled mobile unit

The GIRAFFE range is easily moveable thanks to a mobile radio unit. The mobile base can be fitted with wheels or chains, and the choice between electric or combustion engine is also possible.

Fixed or on rail manipulator

The RAPTOR range is designed to be either fixed close to the ladle, or to be moved on rails.

Manipulators for tundish projection

Radio controlled manipulator manufactured following the request of the customer.

Mainly used for better operator comfort, more safety and hygiene.

Also allows projection when the tundish  is too hot for an operator to enter.

Manipulators for Electric Arc Furnaces (EAF)

Requiring a visit and prior study, this kind of manipulator can be designed according to different degrees of sophistication and finishing.

Gunning accessories

We also supply specific hoses, spraying mixing nozzle and special fittings, as of course all spare parts for our machines.

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