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  • Because we love to take up your industrial challenges
  • Because we love to create and to innovate
  • Because we are a multidisciplinary passionate team
  • Because we are independant, agile and financially strong
  • Because all shareholders are active within the company

But above all… ...

Because we believe that industrial process automation, combined with a perfect quality control, is the future of the industry.

We help our customers to implement


How ?Our resources

By centralizing your requests by a Single Point Of Contact: your Project Manager

By fully managing your project from A to Z

By following well-proven and transparent procedures

By offering you more than 30 years of experience

By motivating our staff, through continuous training and a sharing profit policy

By having some 4000 sqm of production halls and offices, with up-to-date equipment

By continuously investing in R&D

By relying on a network of specialized partners, all in one cluster

The Desimone brothers founded the company in the late eighties and gained a strong reputation in local industrial maintenance, with its main focus on the glass industry.

The current owners took the company over in 2002, and moved towards conception and manufacturing of tailor-made machines, making of Desimone a key player for today’s industry 4.0. challenges.

What we do : Independant integrator


Zero defect

We give support to :

Automate your production line

Increase manufacture efficiency and safety

Reduce your operational costs

While helping you to :

Produce defect free products

Increase your customer satisfaction.

Wherever you want worldwide

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